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Zenbu Kimi no Sei


Authors: Norito Asazuki

Genres: Comedy, Magical Sex Shift, Romance, School, Seinen,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: 2 days ago

Published: 2019-11-27

MAL Data

Rank: 6841

Popularity: 9036

Scores: 7.13 by 449 users

Read Zenbu Kimi no Sei for free on Manhuahot. A romantic comedy of uncertain characters. Saginomiya Ryou, the main character, woke up as a girl one day because of the effects of an unknown sex change syndrome. Ryou, now living with this rare syndrome, meets Mizukami Nagisa on a tour of Tensei Gakuen high school. As the two find each other in a cosplay cafe, Ryou discovers N

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