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Villain to Kill


Authors: Fupin, Eunji

Genres: Action, Super Power,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: Jun 14, 2024

Published: 2021-02-15

MAL Data

Rank: 5062

Popularity: 2303

Scores: 7.27 by 2954 users

Read Villain to Kill for free on Manhuahot. Villain to Kill synopsis: In a world where individuals possess extraordinary abilities, two distinct groups emerge: the malevolent villains, driven by their wicked desires, and the righteous psykers, dedicated to combating these villains. Among them stands Cassian Lee, a remarkably potent psyker known for his virtuous heart. However, fate takes an unfortunate turn when Cassian embarks on a journey to visit a friend in Greece. A series of unforeseen events unfolds, leading him to an astonishing predicament: Cassian finds himself inhabiting the body of a Korean high school student who has just turned to the path of villainy. Now, the ultimate question looms: Will his unwavering commitment to justice ultimately prevail, or will he succumb to the darkness and transform into a ruthless villain?

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