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The Ravages of Time


Authors: Mou Chan

Genres: Action, Adventure, Historical, Military,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhua

Updated: 1 day ago

Published: 2001-06-15

MAL Data

Rank: 540

Popularity: 1384

Scores: 8.12 by 1782 users

Read The Ravages of Time for free on Manhuahot. The Ravages of Time synopsis: "Almost two millennia ago, the flourishing Han dynasty in China crumbled into history's annals. During this epoch, illustrious heroes ascended and fell, and from the chaos, three distinct nations materialized – Wei, Shu, and Wu. Historians have christened this era as the Three Kingdoms period. Within the pages of 'The Ravages of Time,' a creation by Hong Kong artist Chan Mou, the timeless narrative of valorous exploits, shifting alliances, unwavering loyalty, and treacherous betrayal unfolds, viewed through the perspective of the Sima clan, who ultimately united these three kingdoms. Readers will be captivated by a rich tapestry of meticulously crafted characters and Chan Mou's signature, exceptional art style. Whether you have experienced the world of Dynasty Warriors or not, this work is undoubtedly a compelling read!"

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