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The Divine Twilight's Return

부서진 성좌의 회귀

Authors: Kyung-il Yang, Sadoyeon

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: Jun 10, 2024

Published: 2021-11-29

MAL Data

Rank: 8767

Popularity: 3721

Scores: 7 by 1449 users

Read The Divine Twilight's Return for free on Manhuahot. The Divine Twilight's Return Synopsis: "Twilight of the Gods" was a humble human who became a god. He lost everything, including his Constellation, belief, and Divine Authority, after gaining notoriety as an Unpleasant God. His divine might vanished and his sanctity was severed. "I want you to collaborate with me." At that moment, Thanatos, the ruler of the Nether World, extended his hand. "Twilight of the Gods" chose to resurrect as the player "Lee Changseon" in order to get revenge on the gods who had sent him into hell after seizing Thanatos's hand! "Well, I've returned for real."

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