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Soushi Souai


Authors: Oroneko

Genres: Hentai,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: May 05, 2024

Published: 2016-05-30 2017-12-28

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Rank: 0

Popularity: 57184

Scores: 0 by 12 users

Read Soushi Souai for free on Manhuahot. Soushi Souai Synopsis A romance between a diligent girl and a delinquent boy is nothing more than a fantasy to Megumi Souma. This prim and proper high school student likes her unruly classmate Soushi Wakamatsu, but she fears interacting with him. Likewise, Soushi has feelings for Megumi but does not want to tarnish her perfect image with his less-than-stellar reputation. Despite initially keeping their distance, Megumi and Soushi find that their different worlds have a lot more in common than they anticipated. Cheered on by their friends, the pair confess to each other and soon start dating. As their relationship blossoms, Megumi and Soushi must learn to stay true to themselves amid the expectations placed on them and simply enjoy being with the one they love.

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