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Sensou Kyoushitsu


Authors: Higoro Toumori, Mozuku Sora

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Military, Shounen,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: 3 hours ago

Published: 2022-06-03

MAL Data

Rank: 1493

Popularity: 13675

Scores: 7.74 by 214 users

Read Sensou Kyoushitsu for free on Manhuahot. The year is 1294, and war rages. Ryuka, the bugler of a small mercenary band, is endlessly thrown into battle after battle, but longs for the day that he can fulfill his wish of becoming a real musician. One fateful day, however, Ryuka's latent powers awaken and his life takes a drastic turn. Under the guidance of the Pope, Ryuka is tasked to become a key player in the war and lead the fight against the Empire and its agent of destruction, the Garland. Burdened by this dangerous mission, Ryuka still longs for the day that he may see his wish come true... (Source: Mangamonster.net)

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