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Renge to Naruto!


Authors: nicolai

Genres: Gourmet, Seinen, Slice of Life,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Jul 08, 2024

Published: 2023-10-27

MAL Data

Rank: 27026

Popularity: 19630

Scores: 0 by 98 users

Read Renge to Naruto! for free on Manhuahot. It's been a few months since the neighborhood Chinese restaurant closed down, and when I stopped by for the first time in a while, I found that it had been transformed into a flashy, mysterious restaurant with its old signboard still intact. When I went inside, there was a gal there... This is a story about a Chinatown restaurant where gals are hospitable. (Source: Mangamonster.net)

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