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Please Marry Me Again!

남편님, 다시 결혼해 주세요!

Authors: Rana, Paragu

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Time Travel,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: May 04, 2024

Published: 2022-02-16

MAL Data

Rank: 5064

Popularity: 9945

Scores: 7.27 by 367 users

Read Please Marry Me Again! for free on Manhuahot. As a so-called "half-noblewoman," Shurya Littenheim was shunned by all in high society except her husband, Grand Duke Kardi Esperand. So when the powers Kardi inherited from his family start to slowly kill him, Shurya gladly makes a deal to sacrifice her own life instead. Upon her death, she's reborn as her younger, single self, and this time... she's doing it all over again! Shurya's on a mission to make Kardi her hubby once more, but is there any hope of avoiding yet another tragic ending?

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