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Ore Monogatari!!


Authors: Kazune Kawahara, Aruko

Genres: Award Winning, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Published: 2011-12-13 2016-07-13

MAL Data

Rank: 561

Popularity: 507

Scores: 8.11 by 11516 users

Read Ore Monogatari!! for free on Manhuahot. Gouda Takeo is a freshman in high school. (Both estimates: Weight: 120kg, Height: 2 meters.) He spends his days peacefully with his super-popular-with-girls, yet insensitive childhood friend, Sunagawa. One morning, on the train to school, Takeo saves a girl, Yamato, from being molested by a pervert. Could this be the beginning of spring for Takeo?

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