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Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga


Authors: Una Megurogawa

Genres: Comedy, Pets, Reincarnation, Seinen, Slice of Life,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Jun 01, 2023

Published: 2014-04-25 2021-08-25

MAL Data

Rank: 44289

Popularity: 24136

Scores: 0 by 37 users

Read Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga for free on Manhuahot. The major feudal lords have gotten together, but they are all dogs! In the year 1582, Oda Nobunaga perished in the Honoji Temple incident...but for some reason he has been reincarnated as a dog in the modern world! Is not only him. Other popular generals such as Takeda Shingen, Date Masamune, and Uesugi Kenshin have also been reincarnated as dogs for some reason!! You can enjoy history tidbits along with famous generals in this doggy comedy.

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