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Authors: Shiroi Kusaka

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Magical Sex Shift, Shounen, Supernatural,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Dec 31, 2013

Published: 2010-07-26 2011-09-26

MAL Data

Rank: 14994

Popularity: 10049

Scores: 6.53 by 746 users

Read Megu♥Milk for free on Manhuahot. Before they enter high school, the boys Meguru and Shou are whining about the fact that neither of them has a girlfriend. A strange, large-breasted woman shows up, claiming that she will fix their problem, and kisses Meguru. This odd occurrence is pushed out of the boys' minds when they meet up with Souko, a friend from elementary school, who is going to be in their high school. She's grown up into a pretty young girl, and it seems like the boys might have a shot with her! That evening, Meguru realizes that the strange kiss may have had more meaning than he thought: he's turned into a girl! He convinces Shou and his mother of his identity, but no one has any idea how to turn him back. Now he's going to have to learn how to be a girl and let go of his hope of dating his cute childhood friend Souko. What will happen to his hopes for a popular high school life?

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