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Lout of Count's Family

백작가의 망나니가 되었다

Authors: Ryeo Han Yu, PAN4

Genres: Fantasy, Isekai, Reincarnation,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: 20 hours ago

Published: 2020-08-31

MAL Data

Rank: 1442

Popularity: 1214

Scores: 7.76 by 5221 users

Read Lout of Count's Family for free on Manhuahot. Lout of Count's Family Synopsis I was in a novel when I opened my eyes. [The Birth of a Hero] was a book that told the story of the many heroes of the continent as well as the exploits of the main character, Choi Han, a high school student who was taken to a different dimension from Earth. I was drawn into that book as the Count's trash—the family in charge of the region where Choi Han's first visitation village is situated. The issue lies in Choi Han's deformation following the assassination of that village and all of its residents. The main issue is that the idiot trash I've turned into is unaware of what transpired in the village and meddles with, only to get beaten to a pulp. “…This is going to be a problem.” I feel like something serious has happened to me. But it was worth trying to make this my new life.

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