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Kirihito Sanka


Authors: Osamu Tezuka

Genres: Drama, Medical, Psychological, Seinen,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Nov 19, 2014

Published: 1970-03-25 1971-12-10

MAL Data

Rank: 1011

Popularity: 3134

Scores: 7.89 by 2308 users

Read Kirihito Sanka for free on Manhuahot. A promising young doctor, Kirihito Osanai visits a remote Japanese mountain village to investigate the source of the latest medical mystery. While he ends up traveling the world to discover what it takes to be cured of such a disease, a conspiracy back home attempts to explain away his absence. Hinging upon his fate are those of his loved ones: an unstable childhood friend and colleague trapped between factions of the medical establishment that nurtured him; a fiancee emotionally transformed by Kirihito's mysterious disappearance; and a stranger who becomes his guardian angel, a sensual circus-act performer with volatile psychological secrets.

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