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Iinari! Aibration


Authors: Chizuna Nakajima

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Nov 24, 2013

Published: 2007 2010-06-09

MAL Data

Rank: 17831

Popularity: 9286

Scores: 6.11 by 617 users

Read Iinari! Aibration for free on Manhuahot. "Shizukuishi has a problem. Well, a number of them, actually: She wets herself chronically. She occasionally loses complete control of her actions. She's being hunted by an army of robot maids. The root of all her troubles is the soul of the ancient destructive giant Daidara-bocchi, which is sealed in her womb. But she's not alone. By chance, she became attached by a thread made of light to Kouki, a ""contractee"" who helps maintain the burden of the seal within her. Together, Shizukuishi and Kouki face her toubles and fight against the evil robot maids, but if they get too close to each other, then something terrible could happen..."

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