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Hunter x Hunter


Authors: Yoshihiro Togashi

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manga

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Published: 1998-03-03

MAL Data

Rank: 43

Popularity: 23

Scores: 8.74 by 122481 users

Read Hunter x Hunter for free on Manhuahot. Hunter x Hunter synopsis: Hunter x Hunter is a captivating story revolving around Hunters, individuals possessing special abilities that enable them to undertake diverse tasks such as hunting for treasures, magical creatures, or even people. However, gaining this esteemed title requires passing a highly challenging examination, a feat only achievable by one in a hundred thousand individuals. Those who succeed are granted access to restricted areas housing top-secret information, earning them the coveted title of "Hunters." At the center of this narrative is Gon, the main character, driven by the aspiration to become a Hunter in pursuit of his legendary father, who holds the same title. Throughout his adventures in the world of "Hunter x Hunter," Gon forms crucial bonds with Killua, the heir to the world's most prominent assassin clan; Clapika, the sole survivor of the Red-Eyes; and Leorio, a determined individual with dreams of becoming a doctor. Together, this diverse group confronts formidable adversaries, notorious criminal organizations, and even beings of superior strength and intelligence compared to humans. "Hunter x Hunter" captivates its audience through meticulously crafted characters, intricate storytelling, and the author's ingenious ability to unfold intricate situations, making it one of the most beloved manga series to date.

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