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God Seeker


Authors: Riichirou Tsutsumi

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Shounen,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Jun 18, 2015

Published: 2010-01-19 2011-11-19

MAL Data

Rank: 10211

Popularity: 17204

Scores: 6.89 by 253 users

Read God Seeker for free on Manhuahot. Many people in this world possess commonplace magical abilities. These are usually things that make their lives a bit more convenient - such as the ability to make a small flame, or to heal slightly more quickly than usual. But the brilliant young lord of Seeker Castle has a little sister with incredibly destructive magical powers, which he uses to kill anyone who threatens his territory. Also living with the lord and his sister is a boy whose powers are still a mystery. Thus unfolds the story of their intertwined destinies...

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