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Ghost King


Authors: Jinseok Park, Gohu Son

Genres: Action, Martial Arts,

Status: Completed

Type: Manhwa

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Published: 2021-11-09 2023-04-18

MAL Data

Rank: 13837

Popularity: 11160

Scores: 6.63 by 375 users

Read Ghost King for free on Manhuahot. Ghost King synopsis: In a world divided between individuals with martial arts powers and those without, Taeyeon Kang is among the fortunate few born with such abilities. He joins Murim Police University, a specialized institution for those endowed with powers, dedicated to upholding justice. However, Taeyeon harbors a clandestine agenda—he aims to unveil the truth behind his father's disappearance and safeguard his family's secret martial arts techniques from the malevolent Evil Murim Faction. Concurrently, the enigmatic Ghost King resurfaces years after his mysterious vanishing. The question lingers: Who is this masked anti-hero making a grand return? (Source: Mangamonster.net)

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