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Flirting with the Villain's Dad

악당의 아빠를 꼬셔라

Authors: Dalseul, via

Genres: Fantasy, Reincarnation, Romance,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: Apr 20, 2024

Published: 2020-04-02

MAL Data

Rank: 2818

Popularity: 2447

Scores: 7.51 by 2620 users

Read Flirting with the Villain's Dad for free on Manhuahot. "Ack! I'm trapped in this webnovel, ""Brigitte Wants to be Happy!"" No prob, I KNOW what's gonna happen so I'll just—wait. I'm not Brigitte? I'm her aunt, Princess Yerenika?! Uh-oh. I'm stuck 20 years before the main plot... and everyone in my generation ends up tragically dead! Her parents, dead. Me, dead. Villain's dad, King Euredian, dead. A-ha! That's the key. I just need to prevent the villain from being born... time to break out some seduction schemes and flirt like my life depends on it!"

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