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C³ -シーキューブ-

Authors: Hazuki Minase, Tsukako Akina

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen, Supernatural,

Status: Completed

Type: Manga

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Published: 2011-02-26 2013-01-26

MAL Data

Rank: 8428

Popularity: 10216

Scores: 7.02 by 375 users

Read for free on Manhuahot. "Yachi Haruaki is a high school boy. He has a natural resistantance to curses so his father Honatsu sends him cursed instruments called ""Worse"" to let him break the curse. One day, Haruaki receives a black cube from Honatsu. That night, he encounters a naked silver haired girl stealing rice crackers. She is the human-form of the black cube, an instrument of torture called ""Fear in Cube"". Haruaki and the girl 'Fear' fight together against other 'Worse' instruments and their owners using Fear's 32 mechanisms of torture."

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