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Becoming the Monarch

말단 병사에서 군주까지

Authors: Soul Pung, 2631

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Military, Time Travel,

Status: Ongoing

Type: Manhwa

Updated: Jul 08, 2024

Published: 2020-12-24

MAL Data

Rank: 4647

Popularity: 5904

Scores: 7.31 by 958 users

Read Becoming the Monarch for free on Manhuahot. When Chris, a one-armed mercenary with considerable experience and skills, swallows an artifact after an unlikely encounter with a savage looter, he finds himself back in the past as a 15-year-old lowly foot soldier... with both his arms. This time, he will not let his life take an unfortunate turn. This time, he will not let his friends die in vain. This time, he will use his knowledge and reach for the sky.

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